27-30 November 2006; Pucón, Chile

Villarica volcano (*)


Proceedings of the Conference

Deadline for manuscript submission is March 30, 2007

The proceedings of "Quantum Optics III" will be published in the IOP journal "Journal of Physics: Conference Series" ( http://www.iop.org/EJ/journal/conf ).  Publication is scheduled for June 2007.

Submitted articles can be of the type of papers or review articles loosely related to the talks given at the conference. We invite you cordially to contribute with an article to the proceedings book.

Manuscripts should be prepared using the IOP LaTeX style, that can be downloaded here:

http://ej.iop.org/pdf/jpconf/jpconfunix.tar.gz (UNIX)

http://ej.iop.org/pdf/jpconf/jpconfmac.zip  (MAC)

http://ej.iop.org/pdf/jpconf/jpconfpc.zip  (WINDOWS)

Submission should be by email to qo2006@cfm.cl using the subject line: QOPT3.

Submissions should contain the original LaTeX file and a corresponding PDF file.

Quantum Optics I was held in Santiago de Chile, in the year 2000. It was thought as the start of a series of conferences through Latin America that would have a good component of 'local' researchers working in the area. Quantum Optics II was held in Cozumel, Mexico, in the year 2004.

Quantum Optics III provides a forum to discuss recent developments in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information with topics such as: Non-Linear Optics, Atom Optics, Laser cooling, Cold atoms, Bose-Einstein Condensates, Quantum Interference, Quantum Information processing.

 (*) All pictures are courtesy  of www.agenciamiro.cl


Center for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, MCI, Chile

Universidad de Concepción

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Universidad Católica del Norte

Consortium of the Americas for the Interdisciplinary Science (U. of New Mexico)

Centro Latinoamericano de Física (CLAF)